Where can you find a gym that teaches Sambo or has a strong interest in Sambo? Although Sambo isn't a huge sport in Australia and sometimes it is hard to find a dedicated program, there are plenty of options available to learn more and share you Sambo interests with the following clubs.

All these gyms receive regular Sambo content, updates, and support from us to provide you with greater training.


Martial Arts Development Gym (South West/Western Suburbs)- Currently the largest dedicated Sambo program in Australia. Offering Sport and Combat Sambo classes with experienced Coaches.

FOCUS- Combat and Sport Sambo


Southern MMA (Wollongong region)- Some of the most experienced Sambists in Australia train and teach at this gym. Experienced in Sport and Combat Sambo.

FOCUS- Combat and Sport Sambo




Oxley Vale Tudo- A combat orientated Gym. Great for learning more on Combat Sambo and getting focused training with great training partners.

FOCUS- Combat Sambo





Nemesis Martial Arts- (Melbourne) A gym with international experience in Sambo as well as being established as one of the leading Martial Arts Academies in Victoria. Coach Phillip Lai has experience in Combat Sambo as well as having other experienced Grapplers and Coaching staff that will help you progress your interest and learning in Sambo.

FOCUS- Combat and Sport Sambo





Auckland MMA- (Auckland) One of the oldest and experienced Mixed Martial Arts Academies in New Zealand and Australia. This gym has a growing interest in Sambo and many experienced Coaches in Combat and Grappling as well as great training partners. Definitely worth checking out if in Auckland!

FOCUS- Combat Sambo